Healthy Living

Benefits of healthy living in the Rezidence Bella Vista project

Výhody zdravého bydlení v projektu Bella Vista

The Right Indoor Temperature

The interior does not get overheated in the summer months due to external jalousies, architecture with shading elements in the building and green roofs that markedly contribute to apartments in the setback floors having the right temperature.

Fresh Air

Plenty of fresh air for an active life and high-quality rest thanks to the managed ventilation system with recuperation. Filtering of outside air limits the presence of dust, dirt and irritating allergens.

Acoustic Comfort

An apartment has a quiet internal environment due to the use of structures with sufficient acoustic and footfall insulation and windows with triple glazing that dampen exterior noise.

Healthy Light

Natural light enabled by the building’s architecture with sufficient glass surfaces and a suitable building layout.

Harmless Materials

The use of medically-harmless interior materials that do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Mental Health

Deepening of mental health in rest zones where you can spend time with children, friends or working on community projects.